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Project Owner: City of Polo


Polo, MO – The newly formed all-volunteer Board of Directors for Polo’s Stagecoach Park approached Decker Construction to play a key role in this ambitious project. Bringing together the experience and military might of the Iowa National Guard’s “Prairie Riders” heavy lift unit and the construction and logistics experience of Decker Construction, this project required nearly six months of continuous preparation, communication, planning, and perfect weather conditions. The rare Rainbow Arch bridge had to be stripped down to less than 18,000 lbs in preparation for its record breaking 80 mph cruise to its new home. In another first, the all-volunteer Decker crew recruited MODOT enforcement officers with their portable scales to confirm the weight of the bridge, weighing in at 16,800 before the flight. Standing 14’ wide, 14’ tall, and 100’ long this historical bridge, while no longer up to heavy traffic, will stand for many years to be enjoyed in the serene setting of the new park.