Decker Construction provides heavy highway, water main, bridges, and custom piling services throughout the Midwest.

Maintaining a High Standard of Performance

At Decker, our workforce is our true asset. A combination of commitment to safety, efficiency, and quality in addition to experienced knowledge of our company-owned equipment makes us the cream of the crop in the construction industry.

Through continued education and safety training, we maintain a qualified, reliable staff and low turnover in a family-friendly, drug-free work environment.


  • 5 Licensed DNR Water Operators on Staff
  • Master Plumber on Staff
  • HDPE Fusion Certified
  • DOT Compliant
  • OSHA 10 Hour Certified
  • Trench Safety Certified
  • Confined Space Certified
  • OQ Certified (Operator Qualification to excavate around high-pressure gas mains)
  • CCO (Certified Crane Operator)
  • Forklift Certified
  • E-Rail Compliant
  • Certified for Rigging
  • Bonded and Insured

DCSI Crews participate in an all day safety training.

Self-Performing Crew

We self-perform a vast majority of our work by maintaining a well-rounded team of experienced and certified crew members. This grants us better control over scheduling to ensure timely project completion.

In-House Equipment

We own, operate and maintain our own specialty equipment. And with two full-time mechanics on staff, we’re able to ensure our machines and equipment are serviced and always running properly.

Emergency Response

We’re a highly mobile operation, equipped to haul all of our own equipment to and from job sites, allowing us to be highly responsive in emergency situations.

Special Recognitions

Talk about dedication you can get behind! In 2016, Underground Construction recognized Decker Construction for our work in salvaging a community water line near Kingston, MO that was washed out due to weeks of heavy rainfall. Our crew worked through a torrential downpour to replace the failed 6-inch line with an 8-inch HDPE water main within 48 hours to avoid leaving 2,500 residents without water.

Community Initiatives

An ING CH-47 prepares to set a bridge in it’s new home. DCSI removed and prepared this bridge for transport, and performed the final placement and restoration.

We love contributing in whatever way we can to local schools, programs and community initiatives. Especially when Chinooks are involved.

“We believe the children are our future” isn’t just a line in a Whitney Houston song, it‘s also a big part of our community inititiave. That’s why many of our contributions include supporting the local schools’ cheerleading and athletic programs as well as an after-prom initiative designed to protect our kids from drinking and driving on prom night.

We’ve also donated our capabilities to the construction of the Little Mule Trail, a project resulting from the combined efforts of the Lathrop Garden Club and the Lathrop Elementary School.

Additionally, we donated our services to rig a previously dilapidated bridge as a training exercise for the Iowa National Guard, who flew the bridge to their new home using a Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

Company Milestones

What began in 1988 as one man with a backhoe and a two-ton truck has since grown into a full-fledged operation with an extensive self-performing fleet of highly trained & qualified contractors and specialty equipment.

Over 40 years ago, Tom Decker was away working construction jobs on either side of the country for longer than his fiancé would have liked. After he and his fiancé were married, Tom left for another far-away job only to discover his first child was on the way. Like any good man would, he quickly returned home to settle down in Missouri and raise a family with his wife.

In 1988, he purchased a backhoe and a two-ton truck and began offering his skills in construction locally. Over the years, the DCSI team has grown their experience to turn Decker Construction into the impressive operation it is today.


Became an official Missouri Corporation and obtained surety bonding.


We extended health insurance and 401k benefits to our employees.


Added rock trenching and directional drilling capabilities to complement our pipeline operations.


Maintained solid growth through increased specialization and experience, despite a widespread ongoing economic crisis.


Decker Construction was founded by Tom Decker.


We bought our first excavator and built our first shop at 3,200 sq. feet.


We moved into our new 10,000 sq. foot office & shop facility on 5 acres.


Added vertical drilling capabilities for custom shoring and bridge piling.


Continued Growth: Decker Construction is proud to extend 20-year awards to some of its key employees for excellence and for sticking with us through the years.