Our OSHA 10-hour certified staff builds the bridges that carry your corn to the market and your school buses to school in the morning.

At Decker Construction, experience drives results. Whether constructing from new, rehabilitating, or moving your bridge from one place to another, we have the experience and processes to complete your project on time and within budget.

New Construction

We’re proudly committed to providing quality services to get the job done right the first time, from start to finish.

Decker Construction specializes in new construction for county bridges, including single, double, and triple span from 60 feet to 160 feet. Our experienced team members combine skill and dedication with an extensive knowledge of our in-house equipment to help design and to build new bridges for city and county projects.


  • BNSF Contractor Certified
  • DOT & Mo DOT Compliant
  • OSHA 10 Hour Certified
  • Trench Safety Certified
  • Confined Space Certified
  • OQ Certified (Operator Qualification to excavate around high pressure gas mains)
  • CCO (Certified Crane Operator)
  • Forklift Certified
  • E-Rail Certified
  • Bonded and Insured

Bridge Rehabilitation & Relocation

An ING CH-47 prepares to set a bridge in it’s new home. DCSI removed and prepared this bridge for transport, and performed the final placement and restoration.

We breathe life back into your bridge.

Not to toot our own horn here, but at Decker Construction, we engineer the easiest and best way to rehabilitate your bridge. From replacing bridge deck beams to shoring the foundation, our crews show up ready with the know-how and necessary equipment to offer an economical solution without the costly expense of scrapping the whole thing and starting from scratch.

Used Bridges

Many local communities and homeowners benefit from the installation of a “retired” bridge and enjoy the aesthetics and ease of access they’ve gained from having it on their respective properties.

A used bridge is likely something you won’t find at your local landscaping store, and we’re fairly certain you can’t order them online. So if you’re looking to add a walking trail bridge or private bridge to your land, farm or park, contact us. We may have old bridges from our rehabilitation projects to sell or donate for smaller projects.